It’s been 2 years, Pakistan won Champions trophy, why and where we are lacking since then”

It’s been two years we won champions trophy. We can’t overlook those minutes we cherished 2 years back by getting brilliant triumph over india in the finale. 18th june is particularly near each pakistani cricket fan’s heart however unfortunately circumstance following 2 years is totally switched as we are unfit to praise 2 years commemoration of that historical day.

Pakistan’s thrashing at the hands of arch-rivals India on Sunday in a crucial World Cup 2019 match has opened flood gates of calls for overhaul of cricket structure.

Its getting too difficult to even think about tackling social media wars. Same team, same captain , however then the inquiries happens that where we are inadequate? What used to be there which is absent at this point? Or then again what we deserted.. there are numerous questions emerging we can’t overlook.. Be that as it may, the thing is they were energetic about game, they were eager for the triumph, we didn’t had aliens or superheroes who played for us neither one of the we got any otherworldly powers on field, even around then Pakistan team was on a more fragile side and lacking on numerous areas.

Is it safe to say that it was just our luck or a fluke that triumph came in our manner?? No however there was a non-verbal communication, focus, diligent work was plainly there, they were more centered around game than different activities, there was assurance, potential, solidarity, team effort and numerous different things. they simply needed to win at any rate, they gave their 100% at that point. there was a fluke and luck yet they were so concerned. However at this point they are not in any manner intrigued nothing referenced above could be seen, they’re simply getting a charge out of the outing, they’re more dynamic on social media than on field.

Dreadful, destructive or dismal yet but it seems cricket worldcup ends for Pakistan here. Fans generally got frustrated because they anticipate a lot from them. How simple Pakistan made it for India to win. Are There some genuine changes required including mentors, coaches, staff and players? this would be again the most mortifying thrashing like dependably. We Don’t find anyone playing their part either coach or captain or any senior player. We’re excessively behind and it doesn’t look conceivable to recuperate from here.

We can’t make sense of what’s up with them like they’re so hesitant. maybe a couple of them resemble in case we’re performing now and again than we’re superior to anything the individuals who are not performing in any case. They are not under any condition concerned and they resemble we shouldn’t answer anybody.

Pakistan team can beat any team, any side yet on the off chance that they are happy to do as such yet they’re excessively occupied in self settlement and different activities and they truly don’t care. Like we can’t perceive any kind of endeavors in any division whether it’s fielding, batting, bowling, execution, approach, game plan or anyplace. They are not willing to help each other with in the team, not willing to discuss well with other team mates, a lot of segregation inside, similar to news are flowing in regards to grouping then what else they are foreseeing ??

Despite the fact that win or lose is a part of game however for what reason are we generally on a losing side it’s against India as well as against each team. Execution and position is deteriorating either its about major tournament or series, things are getting wretched.

Clearly when team execution goes futile skipper endures the most, then again sarfaraz himself has not substantiated himself his performance, execution, course of action nothing is sufficient. In addition his decisions ended up being more awful. Sarfaraz got quite emotional after the defeat on Sunday and told his teammates that he won’t be ‘the only one going back home’ suggesting that if things don’t change for the better, everyone in the team will have to bear the brunt of a dismal campaign.

If anyone thinks that I will go home, then it is their idiocy. If God forbid something unfortunate happens, then I won’t be the only one going back home, Sarfaraz said.

Sarfaraz also asked his teammates to let go of what’s in the past now and ‘uplift the team’ for the rest of the tournament so that they can hold their heads high going forward.

Forget the bad performance and uplift the team for the remaining four matches, said Sarfaraz.

If we do look on the recent stats:

-Lost to INDIA in mega event with huge margin.

-lost to AUSTRALIA in CWC19 with big margin.

-lost to WEST INDIES effortlessly.

-lost to England in the only T20.

-lost and white washed by England in 5 match ODI series.

-lost to SOUTH AFRICA in T20 series.

-Won T20 series against NEW ZEALAND.

-lost ODI series to Australia by 5-0

-lost ODI series to SOUTHAFRICA by 5-0

Indeed, even we didn’t meet all requirements for the last of asia cup then worldcup is too enormous thing to accomplish and Pakistan team expected to arrive then they expected to increase their endeavors yet what we saw is such non genuine conduct towards this significant match which isn’t at all satisfactory, where there is whole world is locked in with this game, everybody is energized and have their eye on this game including different teams who are likewise the part of this tournament aswell however the main team isn’t concerned and not serious about this game is simply the Pakistan team.

The Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) Governing Board is expected to decide on major changes to the team’s management during its meeting scheduled for Wednesday

Despite of amir’s performance, Lambasting national team’s poor performance against traditional rivals India, Fans are addressing about numerous things yet Are still with team and wanting to win the rest of the matches and arrive in semis which appears to be totally inconceivable yet at the same time its about adoration and devotion for the nation which can drove you accomplish anything.

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